Parlor Guitar Build
This rosette pattern will
be used along the
edges of the top.
This bear claw top will
really pop after the finish
is applied.
Back and sides after
slicing the board into
book matched pairs.
The parlor guitar will be
similar in size to this
1915 Larson brothers

Listen to some slide
played on this
instrument by Sam
Brewing up a new batch
of purfling to finish this
Here are some more
elements of the guitar.

Bone bridge pins.

The bridge will be ebony,
but not this style.  See the
Stetson bridge above.
Waverly, 3 on a plate tuners
with vintage ivroid tuner
Gold mother of pearl
peg head and fretboard
Gold fret wire.
Bottom bout inlay will be
ebony rather than this ivoid
Back center inlay will double
the center portion to be a full
herring bone pattern.
The  body edge purfling and
binding will be just as shown
July 8, 2016
Vintage cream ivroid binding.
Ebony peg head face plate
to be added.
Making a head and tail block.  
The braces and spline will be
Alaskan yellow cedar.
Some gold mother of pearl
stock arrived today for
additional custom inlays.