2017 Cat Theme Cigar Box Guitar
Cattar first play
Cattar Revisited
Our friend Sam Swank has a very special cat
named Rufus.  Sam did not know it at  the
time, but he needed a cigar box guitar that
honored his loyal companion.

Sam sends out pictures of Rufus from time to
time and one caught our eye.  My wife,
Kristen, got to work in Photoshop and created
this artistic rendering to use on the cigar box

She called this one "
My breakfast before
your coffee
".  You can see other examples
of her work at
The finished product used two four string
pickups with a three position switch, volume
and tone controls, and a brass key used as a
bridge saddle.
Sam and our friend, Chris Carrington came
by one night to string it up and see how it
sounded.  Sam plugged it into my Roland
Micro Cube and had a go at it.
The first video below shows the first night and
the second a few weeks later using some
higher end electronics.